The Best Affiliate Programs To Monetize An Airbnb With A Chatbot

the best affiliate programs to monetize an airbnb with a chatbot

For Airbnb hosts looking to boost their earnings, monetizing their rental properties through affiliate marketing can be a game-changer. However, managing multiple affiliate programs alongside hosting duties can quickly become overwhelming.

This is where chatbots come in; they streamline the affiliate marketing process, making it effortless to earn passive income.

The key to success lies in building an amazing chatbot with local guide features and partnering with the right affiliate programs. This article explores the top options tailored specifically for Airbnb owners, empowering you to maximize your earnings potential seamlessly.

By the end, you’ll have a clear roadmap to leveraging chatbots and affiliate marketing to unlock a new revenue stream. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Airbnb hosts can earn passive income by promoting products or services through affiliate marketing programs using a chatbot. The chatbot automatically recommends relevant affiliate links to guests based on their preferences.
  • Top affiliate programs for Airbnb hosts include Viator (10% commission on tours and activity bookings), GetYourGuide (up to 60% commission), Kayak (commissions on flight and hotel bookings), Expedia (2–6% commission on bookings), and G Adventures (commissions on sustainable travel tours).
  • Integrating affiliate programs into an Airbnb chatbot streamlines the process for guests to book activities, transportation, and services. This creates a seamless experience, increasing conversions and the host’s earnings potential.
  • While TripAdvisor has an affiliate program, it is currently limited to accommodations.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing for Airbnb Owners

The affiliate marketing model creates extra income for Airbnb hosts. It allows property owners to earn commissions by promoting products or services from other companies.

Leveraging a chatbot to provide local tour recommendations helps drive affiliate revenue. Guests receive personalized activity suggestions with affiliate links. When they book through those links, hosts earn a cut.

How it works

An Airbnb chatbot sharing travel affiliate links in a bustling atmosphere.

Affiliate marketing enables you to earn commissions by promoting products or services. It’s straightforward – you promote a company’s offerings on your website, social media, or other channels using unique affiliate links.

When visitors click on these links and make a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. – Bo Bennett

Leveraging an Airbnb chatbot streamlines this process. The chatbot can share relevant affiliate links based on the visitor’s preferences and queries. This personalized approach increases conversions, boosting your earnings potential.

Potential income

Affiliate programs offer Airbnb hosts an attractive way to earn extra money. Many travelers seek activities and experiences beyond just accommodations. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by recommending relevant products and services.

Take Viator, for instance, a popular platform for booking tours and activities. As an affiliate, you could earn up to 10% commission on each booking made through your unique link.

Similarly, with GetYourGuide, you can receive an 8% cut for every customer you refer who books an experience. Travel affiliate sites like, Expedia, and Kayak offer commissions ranging from 4% to 50% per booking.

An Airbnb host pointing to local attractions on a map.

How an Airbnb chatbot makes it easy to get extra income

Chatbots seamlessly integrate within an Airbnb owner system, offering a personalized, 24/7 local guide. Hosts can earn commissions promoting relevant activities, tours, and services through affiliate partnerships.

For example, a chatbot might suggest nearby attractions, restaurants, or transportation options with affiliate links. Guests receive tailored recommendations, while owners effortlessly monetize their rental.

An Airbnb chatbot automates the recommendation process. It continuously learns guest preferences, suggesting activities and services they’re likely to enjoy, with affiliate links seamlessly integrated.

Top Affiliate Programs for Airbnb Hosts

With affiliate programs, Airbnb owners can earn extra income by promoting relevant services. An Airbnb chatbot simplifies suggesting affiliated tours, activities, and services to guests.

Major affiliate networks offer lucrative commission rates; for example, Viator provides a 10% commission on bookings, while GetYourGuide offers up to 60%. Leverage these high-paying affiliate programs to increase earnings passively through your existing Airbnb business.


Viator simplifies monetizing your Airbnb listing. It connects hosts with travelers searching for unique activities and experiences. With Viator’s partnership program, you earn commissions from guest bookings on tours, attractions, and experiences near your rental.

Affiliate marketing opens new revenue streams for savvy hosts. – Viator Partner

Viator stands out with its vast inventory of over 300,000 bookable tours and activities across 25,000 destinations worldwide. Diverse offerings cater to varied guest interests – from food tours to outdoor adventures.

  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Audience: Worldwide
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal, weekly payout


A cozy Airbnb rental filled with travel brochures and cityscape photography.

GetYourGuide unlocks profitable opportunities for Airbnb hosts. This platform connects vacation rental owners with travel activities, tours, and experiences worldwide. By promoting GetYourGuide’s offerings through a chatbot, you earn commissions on bookings.

Seamlessly integrate local attractions into guest conversations for increased delight and earnings.

Airbnb property managers benefit from GetYourGuide’s extensive selection. Suggest fun city tours, culinary classes, outdoor adventures and more based on guest interests. The chatbot streamlines recommendations, earning you revenue on each sale.

  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 31 days
  • Audience: Global
  • How You Get Paid: Monthly


Kayak simplifies travel planning for your Airbnb guests. This online travel agency allows users to compare rates across airlines, activities, and rental cars.

As an Airbnb host, you can earn commissions by referring guests to book flights, tours, and transportation through your personalized Kayak affiliate link.

Integrating Kayak into your Airbnb chatbot streamlines the process for guests. The chatbot can suggest local attractions and activities, then seamlessly transition to booking options through your Kayak affiliate link.

This creates a convenient one-stop experience, increasing the likelihood of bookings and your earnings potential.

  • Commission: 0 – 50% (varies based on program)
  • Cookie Duration: Varies based on program
  • Audience: Global (varies based on program)


A person exploring a diverse cityscape in urban travel photography.

Expedia provides an affiliate program offering a 2% to 6% commission for promoting vacation rentals, hotels, flights, and cruises. Affiliates gain access to Expedia Group’s vast inventory and user-friendly tools.

By integrating links in their Airbnb chatbot recommendations, affiliates can earn up to 6% commission on qualifying bookings.

G Adventures

G Adventures specializes in multi-day tours and excursions, which command higher prices and, consequently, offers larger commissions. This program presents an enticing opportunity for a substantial financial return, provided their travel offerings resonate with your audience’s interests and preferences.

Diversify your affiliate offerings by collaborating with a socially conscious brand like G Adventures. Their trips cater to eco-conscious explorers seeking meaningful connections. Expand your reach by tapping into this niche market.

  • Type: Tours
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Audience: Global


Contiki, a tour company, provides immersive travel experiences for 18-35 year olds. As an Airbnb host, you can earn commissions by promoting their youth-oriented trips.

Offer customized local experiences to enhance guests’ stays, increasing bookings and income potential.

Leverage Contiki’s energetic brand to attract young travelers craving cultural immersion. Recommend their small group tours, festivals, and activities.

  • Type: Travel planning
  • Commission: 5%+
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Audience: Global
  • How You Get Paid: Commission is paid out AFTER travel

A lively city skyline at night with diverse people and styles.CityPASS provides travelers a simple way to access top attractions in major cities worldwide. It bundles admission tickets at discounted prices, saving Airbnb hosts’ guests money on sightseeing activities.


CityPASS aligns with the interests of Airbnb hosts seeking supplemental income avenues. CityPASS offers bundled admission to top attractions at discounted rates in major cities.

Promoting CityPASS enables hosts to capitalize on tourism-related revenue streams by recommending city passes to guests.

This partnership program yields commissions for referred bookings, enhancing profitability for hospitality entrepreneurs.

Travelers often gravitate towards all-inclusive passes for convenience and cost savings. By integrating CityPASS into chatbots or guest communications, Airbnb proprietors tap into this demand seamlessly.

  • Type: Tours
  • Commission: 6%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Audience: Global

Go City

As an affiliate, you earn commissions when guests purchase CityPASS tickets through your referral link. This partnership lets you curate a convenient package of must-see destinations for an enhanced guest experience.

  • Type: Tours
  • Commission: 6% for content affiliates
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Audience: Global

A luxurious cruise ship sailing through pristine ocean waters with diverse passengers.

As an Airbnb host, you can earn commissions by promoting, a website that simplifies cruise booking. You receive a percentage of each booking made through your unique affiliate link.

The platform offers competitive cruise deals from major lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian. By integrating into your chatbot, guests can easily explore and book cruises during their stay, generating additional revenue for you. provides an intuitive affiliate dashboard to track performance metrics and payouts. Their commission structure rewards high-volume affiliates with higher percentages.

  • Type: Cruises
  • Commission: 3%
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Audience: Global
  • How You Get Paid: Monthly, Check, Direct deposit


Groupon partners with local businesses to offer deals and discounted experiences. Airbnb hosts can leverage this platform to make recommendations to their guests with special offers on local tours, attractions, and activities.

Groupon’s extensive user base seeking affordable travel translates to increased bookings for savvy hosts.

Hosts utilizing Groupon gain exposure to bargain-hunting consumers actively seeking discounted experiences.

  • Type: Deals
  • Commission: Up to 10%
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Audience: Global – different programs


Klook connects tourists with in-destination services like tours, attractions, and activities worldwide.

Seamlessly integrating Klook’s offerings through an Airbnb chatbot streamlines the process, boosting convenience for visitors while generating passive revenue for property owners.

Integrating Klook’s robust catalog into an Airbnb chatbot provides a one-stop solution for guests. They can effortlessly book exciting activities, transportation, and more directly through the chatbot interface.

  • Type: Tours
  • Commission: 2-5%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Audience: Global

Experience OZ

Experience OZ is an Australian website that offers a lucrative affiliate program for Australian Airbnb hosts. Property owners and managers promote Australian tours and activities through this platform. The program facilitates earning commissions from guest bookings.

Experience OZ provides access to a vast range of experiences across Australia. Partnering with them allows hosts to expand offerings, augmenting customer satisfaction.


Isango offers a 6–10% commission for promoting international tours and activities in Australia. Hosts gain access to a vast array of offerings and user-friendly tools to earn commissions.

Isango provides a platform to track and cash out earnings, making it a convenient choice for hosts seeking to monetize their Airbnb listings. The platform enables seamless integration of tour and activity options, enhancing guest experiences.

Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures provides Airbnb hosts an opportunity to earn additional income by promoting local tours and activities. This affiliate program allows hosts to curate personalized recommendations for their guests, enhancing their overall experience.

By partnering with Urban Adventures, hosts can receive a commission on every booking made through their unique referral link.

Promoting local experiences aligns with Airbnb’s mission of fostering connections between travelers and communities. Hosts can showcase hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path attractions, enabling guests to immerse themselves in the local culture.


RedBalloon presents an enticing affiliate program for hosts located in Australia. Airbnb hosts can leverage this opportunity to generate additional income by promoting RedBalloon’s curated experiences.

The program allows affiliates to earn up to 10% commission on each booking facilitated through their unique referral link. RedBalloon’s user-friendly affiliate platform streamlines the process of tracking and withdrawing earnings effortlessly.

Trip Advisor case

TripAdvisor presents restrictions for Airbnb hosts seeking extra income streams. While it boasts an affiliate program, it only focuses on accommodations like hotels and resorts. Regrettably, this eliminates Airbnb vacation rentals from eligibility, as you will not want to recommend accommodations to your guests.

Airbnb hosts need to leverage third-party travel platforms like, Expedia, and CJ Affiliate to earn commissions. These networks encompass a myriad of travel verticals—flights, car rentals, and activities—enabling hosts to tap into diverse revenue streams.

The key lies in strategically integrating these affiliate offerings into chatbots and guest communication channels. A seamless, consultative approach ensures guests perceive value, not sales pitches.

With creativity and diligence, Airbnb entrepreneurs can transform their properties into travel concierge hubs, amplifying earnings while enriching guest experiences.


A modern Airbnb space with a sleek chatbot interface and cityscape photography.Monetizing an Airbnb through affiliate programs and a chatbot simplifies earning extra income. Leading travel platforms like ExpediaViator, and Kayak offer lucrative opportunities.

A well-designed chatbot seamlessly guides guests to relevant affiliate links. Capitalize on this powerful combination to maximize earnings effortlessly.


Can a chatbot really help with affiliate marketing for my Airbnb?

You bet! A well-trained chatbot can answer common guest questions instantly, share your affiliate links, and even make personalized recommendations based on the visitor’s interests and behavior data. It’s an automated sales agent working 24/7!

What is the benefit of using affiliate marketing for Airbnb hosts?

Affiliate marketing allows Airbnb hosts to earn passive income by promoting relevant products and services from other companies to their guests. By integrating affiliate links into a chatbot, hosts can recommend things like tours, activities, transportation, and more while earning commissions on bookings made through their unique affiliate links.

How does a chatbot streamline the affiliate marketing process for Airbnb hosts?

A chatbot automates the process of recommending relevant affiliate links to guests based on their preferences and interests. It can suggest local activities, attractions, and services, then seamlessly provide affiliate links for the guest to book those experiences. This creates a personalized and convenient experience for the guest while allowing the host to effortlessly earn commissions.

What are some of the top affiliate programs for Airbnb hosts?

Some of the best affiliate programs for Airbnb hosts include Viator (10% commission on tours/activities), GetYourGuide (up to 60% commission), Kayak, Expedia (2–6% commission on bookings), G Adventures (commissions on sustainable travel tours), and CityPASS (6% commission on city attraction passes).

How can Airbnb hosts maximize their earnings potential with affiliate marketing?

To maximize earnings, Airbnb hosts should partner with multiple high-paying affiliate programs that align with their guests’ interests. They should integrate these affiliate links seamlessly into their chatbot or guest communications to provide a convenient one-stop experience for booking activities, transportation, and services. Additionally, hosts should continuously refine their chatbot’s recommendations based on guest feedback and behaviors to increase conversion rates.

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